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It is a pleasure for our team to welcome you to our clinic and offer you the best dental care services possible. We ensure that each of your visits is a positive and pleasant experience. Our desire is to establish a relationship based on trust.

Our attentive and qualified team ensures that you receive high quality and superior care while eliminating any discomfort. We are always intent on providing you with information and treating you with the importance that you deserve to guarantee your utmost satisfaction.

We wish you an enjoyable visit!


Services offered at Clinidentaire:

  • Teeth whitening

  • Sealants & preventative care

  • Orthodontic services

  • Crowns & Bridges

  • Partial & complete dentures

  • Mouth protector for various sports

  • Implant and prosthesis on implant (fixed and removable)

  • Examination and cleaning

  • Composite or amalgam fillings

  • Aesthetic treatments

  • Root canal

  • Complex surgeries

  • Occlusal plate and anti-snoring device

  • Periodontal treatments

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Our Mission

The health and the beauty of your smile are important elements of your well-being. As experts, we do everything within our power to ensure your absolute satisfaction with your smile’s appearance.

At CliniDentaire, we embrace a sensitive approach centered on the individual needs of the client. By combining knowledge and modern technology, we can evaluate your dental profile completely and with great detail. We also accommodate you by scheduling appointments that will be suitable for you and your budget.

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Aesthetic treatments



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